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Four HSE School Board candidates earn endorsement of Fishers FOP


Submitted by Fishers One

Fishers Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #199 announced its endorsement of four Hamilton Southeastern School Board candidates on Monday evening. At the monthly board meeting, the Fishers FOP board voted to approve a motion to endorse one candidate in each district.

Those candidates receiving endorsement are:

  • HSE District 1 – Tiffany Pascoe

  • HSE District 2 – Dr. Juanita Albright

  • HSE District 3 – Dawn Lang

  • HSE District 4 – Ben Orr

PICTURE: (From left) HSE District 1 candidate Tiffany Pascoe, HSE District 3 candidate Dawn Lang, Fishers FOP Lodge #199 President Chris Owens, HSE District 2 candidate Dr. Juanita Albright, and HSE District 4 candidate Ben Orr. (Photo provided by Fishers One)

The endorsement came after reviewing an independent investigation of a “Defund the Police” poster that had been displayed in the classroom of the younger brother of Elwood Police Officer Noah Shahnavaz. Officer Shahnavaz, a Fishers High School graduate, was killed in the line of duty this past summer. The FOP statement read that the HSE response to the investigation “failed to address the root cause of the issue, which is that the school district allows anti-police sentiment to be posted in their school buildings.”

Fishers FOP Lodge #199 President Chris Owens released the following statement:

“My fellow Fishers FOP members and I are proud to endorse four candidates for HSE School Board,” Owens said. “Current affairs in our schools have caused hate-filled rhetoric, which only encourages violence and lack of respect for law endorsement. Join us in supporting Pascoe, Albright, Lang, and Orr, who will stand for safety and quality education.”

This endorsement comes at a time when much media attention recently has been given to the HSE School District. From HSE’s public statement in 2021 on a court case in Minnesota that had nothing to do with HSE schools, to adding progressive microaggression handbook policies in the summer of 2022, to most recently displaying the ‘defund the police’ poster display in a classroom, HSE is making national headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Fishers One Founder Diane Eaton said this in regards to the endorsement, “The endorsement from the Fishers FOP is very significant and should carry a lot of meaning to voters with the upcoming school board elections that are approaching in two weeks. Pascoe, Albright, Lang, and Orr are completely supportive of having the schools and police be partners, open and transparent, and work hand in hand with each other for the well-being and safety of the students, teachers, and our community.”

Lodge #199 is committed to providing the highest level of police service to the Fishers community. The police are dedicated to preserving the community’s peace while adhering to the highest level of ethical standards and professional conduct. Being a partner with the community is essential to building trust and mutual respect. In an era where denigrating the police is becoming more and more commonplace, Fishers One stands in full support of police officers who work selflessly to keep the community safe.

The 2022 General Election is on Tuesday, Nov. 8 with early voting happening now through Election Day. Voters can only vote in their particular HSE board districts. To find what district one lives in, as well as voting times and locations, visit

Fishers One identifies itself as a grassroots community-based organization dedicated to restoring academic excellence in HSE Schools, maintaining Fishers as a great place to live, and cultivating the next generation of community leaders. You can learn more about Fishers One and how to get involved at or at

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